2021 Membership Application

Paying by PayPal or credit card: For PayPal or credit-card payment, simply click here. You’ll be taken to a simple web page that allows you to make payments to us for various goods and services. Find the section, “Paying for Membership by PayPal”, and click on the “Buy Now” PayPal button. This will initiate the payment process. You may use this payment method even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Paying by check or money order: Otherwise, please print this form, fill it out, and mail it with payment as instructed below.

Please select the appropriate membership option listed below. All are for memberships are for 1 year from date of joining.

Individual Membership           $35       ______

Family Membership                 $45        ______

Youth (age 25 or under)         $15        ______

Club Membership                    $50        ______

Corporate Membership         $100       ______

Contribution  (tax deductible in U.S.)    ______

Total                                                        $______


Canadian Residents All others, including U.S. Residents
Canadian residents may pay in Canadian dollars, at par. Make out your check to “Toronto Gaelic Learners Association”, and mail to:
43 Norbrook Crescent
Toronto, ON M9V 4P7
 All others: Make out your check, in U.S. dollars, to “ACGA”, and mail to:

PO Box 7193
Alexandria, VA  22307



( ) I am a new ACGA member    ( ) I am a 2020 ACGA member renewing for 2021

Name: _____________________________________________________

Street: _____________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________________________

State/Province: ____________________   Zip/Postal code: _____________

Country: ________________   Telephone: (_____) ______ – ___________

E-mail address: _______________________________________________ (Important — we use this to communicate)


My current Gaelic language level is (check one):

( ) Beginner   ( ) Advanced Beginner   ( ) Intermediate

( ) Advanced Student   ( ) Fluent   ( ) Native Speaker

If advanced, would you be willing to teach or lead a study group? ___________

Would you be willing to host or help with local activities? ____________

Where specifically did you hear about ACGA (name of magazine, online, name of highland games etc.) _____________________________________

(ACGA Internet Application)