REGISTRATION is open for the 2018 Grandfather Mountain Gaelic Song and Language Week. Click this link to access the online registration form.


ACGA offers three annual events, the Grandfather Mountain Gaelic Song and Language Week, which takes place each July in North Carolina just before the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, the U.S. National Mòd, which takes place in September during the Ligonier Highland Games in Pennsylvania, and the ACGA Fèis, which takes place the day before the Mòd. You’ll find some basic information about those events below.

Also, ACGA at one time held an annual immersion weekend. While that event has not been held for several years, we’ve made information on past weekends available here. Given demand, ACGA may hold immersion events in the future.

Grandfather Mountain Gaelic Song and Language Week is a week-long workshop full of Gaelic-related classes revolving around three basic tracks:

  1. Language — using the actual language for communication
  2. Singing — everything from teaching songs to the history of songs to the details of ornamentation and technique
  3. Special Interest — where the instructors take a subject of which they are particularly fond and teach about that subject.  As there are different teachers every year, these vary widely from year to year.

In the evening throughout the week various activities are scheduled, everything from a semi-informal Ceilidh to a silent auction to Gaelic-related movie/film night and a lot more.

Here is more detail about past Song and Language Weeks:

The U.S. National Mòd is both a competition and exhibition of Gaelic’s singers, storytellers, and poets.  Held once per year in the State of Pennsylvania, the Mòd is adjudicated by experts in Gaelic Performing Arts, as well as yearly winners of Scotland’s own Royal National Mòd, bringing people from both sides of the Atlantic together to celebrate their language and share it with others.

Here is more detail about past National Mòds:

The ACGA Fèis. A Fèis is an opportunity to come together and learn about Scottish Gaelic arts through workshops in music, song, language and other aspects of Gaelic culture. The first ACGA Fèis will be held Friday, Sept. 22, 2017, before the start of the 30th annual U.S. National Mòd. The event will feature song and instrumental workshops, including a special presentation on the Clàrsach, the wire-strung harp.

The ACGA Immersion Weekend.  Here is some detail about past ACGA Immersion Weekends: