Dùn Èideann a’ Feitheamh (from ANA Spring 2013)

For our next reprint, Alison Lang looks back to when Edinburgh was eagerly awaiting improvements for Gaelic, such as the opening of the new Gaelic Primary School, and possible improvements for Scotland, as the vote on Scottish independence was coming up. This is a timely reprint, as Alison’s article in the just-released March 2015 issue provides an update, especially on the latter.

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A’ Tilleadh a Thiriodh (from ANA Summer 2013)

For our first reprint of 2015 from our Quarterly members e-zine “An Naidheachd Againne”, we get a glimpse into how busy Rhoda Meek has been since moving back to her family’s croft on Tiree…

“On a bha mi beag bìodach, b’ e mo mhiann fuireach ann an Tiriodh. Rugadh agus thogadh mi ann an Dùn Èideann. Chaidh mi tro Fhoghlam Gàidhlig ann an Dùn Èideann agus ann an Obair Dheathain, a’ fàgail na sgoile fileanta sa Ghàidhlig. …”
“Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted to live in Tiree. I was born and brought up in Edinburgh. I went through Gaelic Medium Education in Edinburgh and Aberdeen, leaving school fluent in Gaelic. …”

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Gàidhlig on the Go. uTalk ( from ANA Winter 2012)

In our fifth reprint from our Quarterly members e-zine “An Naidheachd Againne”, Rudy Ramsey reviewed u-Talk Scottish Gaelic — a learning aid for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

uTalk Scottish Gaelic is another iPhone app that’s worth a look. This is a vocabulary practice app, but it’s more motivating than the usual flash-card approach.uTalk starts with a Word Practice mode, in which it presents a series of words or phrases with both the Gaelic and the English in writing, a picture of the object or situation, and an audio of the spoken Gaelic…

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