ACGA Announces Youth Membership

The most important issue in keeping any minority language alive is the attraction of young people, be they children, high-school or college students, or other young adults. We often see that young folks who start learning Gaelic find it very rewarding. And it can serve as a gateway into other activities that they also enjoy, such as Celtic music, singing, dancing, Highland games, or learning about Celtic history and culture. ACGA is the principal North American organization supporting Scottish Gaelic and Gaelic culture, and we want to do everything we can to make Gaelic accessible to young people.

So we’ve established a new dues rate of $15/year for members aged 25 or younger. This dues payment entitles the eligible member to full membership. Members receive the quarterly newsletter An Naidheachd Againne (“Our News”), have access to our on-line forum and other resources, and receive tips and information via email. Members may also participate in ACGA events, including the annual Immersion Weekend, Grandfather Mountain Gaelic Song and Language Week, and the ACGA Mòd. There is even a mail-in mòd, in which Gaelic learners can compete from home for prizes, and obtain expert feedback on their Gaelic.

If you’re under 25 and interested in Gaelic, we hope you’ll consider this. Or if you know someone else under 25 who might be interested in this, please tell them about us. Or you could even give them a membership as a gift.

For more information, go to

Materials Available for 26th ACGA Mòd

Register to receive materials for the 26th ACGA Mòd by PayPal.

The Mòd materials are ready! Register now for ACGA’s 26th annual U.S. Mòd, to be held in Ligonier, PA on September 20th, 21st, and 22nd 2013. Your registration will get you all the songs required for you to compete in the Mòd in September. The materials are also provided for the mail-in Mòd, for those who want to try their skills at the written word! Please go to for further information and updates on the Mòd. We are very pleased that our adjudicator this year will be Catrìona Parsons from Lewis and Cape Breton!

You may register for these mod materials using PayPal or a credit card by going to

Once we receive your registration we’ll email you with the link to the Mòd materials and the password to get in and download the sound files and documents.

We’ll also keep you on a mailing list to send you updates about the Mòd, including the forms needed to book rooms at the Antiochian Village, where we stay for the Mòd weekend each year, and for the Mòd banquet choices, as well as the most important thing – what competitions you’ll be doing! Please come register for the Mòd, take part, and help keep the wonderful tradition of Gaelic song and prose alive!

An Naidheachd Againne, Fall 2012 Issue Is Available

The Fall, 2012, issue of our newsletter, An Naidheachd Againne, has been released.

Members should have received it, but they can also obtain it online, by logging in to the ACGA Forum, and checking the Members Room.

Non-members can obtain issues through Spring 2012 in the Public Room of the forum, which requires no login, though you’re welcome to create an account and join our discussions whether you’re a member or not.

2012 U.S. National Mòd Information Available

The 25th Annual U.S. National Mòd is fast approaching – Sept. 21-23 in Ligonier, PA. Registration forms for lodging, the banquet/cèilidh, etc. are available here. The U.S. National Mòd will welcome two Hebridean Gold Medal-winning Gaelic singers this year, Catrìona Watt of Lewis and Glasgow and Niall Campbell of Benbecula.  Our adjudicator this year is Beathag Mhoireasdan from the Isle of Lewis.

Please come and help us celebrate our 25th Mòd in beautiful Ligonier, Pennsylvania!  Fill out the forms and mail them to:

Mike Mackay, Registrar
3860 Dumfries Road
Catlett, VA 20119

Any questions can be forwarded to Mike at  We’ll see you at the Mòd!

An Cridhe Cabaireach (Produced by ACGA Member Jim Lawrence)

ACGA member Jim Lawrence has produced a Gaelic language DVD that is available now at and other media outlets.

“An Cridhe Cabaireach” (The Tell-Tale Heart) is a 24-minute Gaelic version of the classic Poe tale of murder and madness that stars Angus MacLeod of Cape Breton. The DVD actually contains three versions of the story: Gaelic narration only, Gaelic narration with English subtitles, and an English narration with Gaelic subtitles. This makes it an excellent teaching/learning resource for anyone interested in Gaelic.