Grandfather Mountain GS&LW 2016 – Our First Instructor.

Our first instructor for the Grandfather Mountain Gaelic Song and Language Week 2016 (July 3 – 8) will be Catrìona Parsons!

Catrìona Parsons
Catrìona Parsons

A native Gaelic speaker born in the Isle of Lewis, and a graduate of Edinburgh University, Scotland, Catrìona has been involved in the teaching of Gaelic language and song in North America for many years. Married to a Lutheran pastor from Virginia, Catrìona began her Gaelic teaching in a small way in the US. While teaching English and Linguistics at Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, she was approached by Tom McKean, who was then a student at the college, to teach him Gaelic; Tom is now on the faculty of Edinburgh U. She also formed a Gaelic choir which went on to win first place at the then Ontario Mod.

She also taught for 30 summers in the summer school of the Gaelic College, St. Ann’s, Cape Breton, where she was commissioned to prepare a course-book in three volumes with accompanying 90-minute tapes (nowadays CDs!), titled “Gàidhlig troimh Chòmhradh”, which has been used by students all over the world. In addition, she taught for many years in the Celtic Department of St. Francis Xavier University; after retiring, she was recruited to join the new Nova Scotia Office of Gaelic Affairs, where she remained for 6 years. At that time, apart from translation tasks, she wrote many Gaelic-English articles on behalf of the office and the Gaelic community, for local newspapers throughout the province, and was the editor-in-chief of the Gaelic periodical “Misneach” for which she wrote 95% of the articles. She was also liaison with local schools regarding the teaching of Gaelic; she continues on that committee. More recently, she completed the teaching of an advanced Gaelic Class for Cape Breton University which influenced her to prepare a draft booklet explaining Gaelic Structure. She hopes to tweak this for general distribution.

In addition, among editing tasks for Gaelic publications, Catrìona has conducted workshops and adjudicated Gaelic competitions throughout North America, also in Australia and New Zealand; she has produced a CD of Gaelic songs titled “Eileanan mo Ghaoil” in tribute both to Cape Breton and Lewis; and she has had several poems published in Gaelic magazines Gairm and Gath”.

Catrìona also helped start the US National Mòd and has been a popular teacher at Gaelic Song and Language Weeks in years past.

We are very happy to have Catrìona back for the 2016 Grandfather Mountain Gaelic Song and Language Week!

Get ready for Grandfather Mountain Gaelic Song and Language Week 2016!


When? July 3rd through July 8th, 2016

Where? Lees-McRae College in Banner Elk, NC.

What? From Sunday to Friday the sounds of Gaelic, the first language of the Scots, will resound in the mountains of North Carolina. Songs, stories, jokes, and fun galore!

Who? You! Absolute beginners to fluent speakers are welcome. Our experienced teachers come from Scotland and from New Scotland (Alba Nuadh, also known as Nova Scotia, Canada).

Why? Sing with us and learn some of the most beautiful songs in the world. Learn Gaelic with us, improve your language skills, or have conversations with other fluent speakers. We offer a great learning experience for all language levels. Enjoy the company of fellow Gaels and join our cèilidhs. Share a song, a poem, a joke, a story – or just listen and enjoy! Someone will help you if you don’t understand something. Come and join our very welcoming community!

Our 2016 teachers will be announced very soon!

Registration for this amazing week will open this Winter.

“Ar Guthan” broadcast on Cuillin FM.

Beginning Saturday January 9, 2016, Cuillin FM on Skye began broadcasting the Guth nan Gàidheal program, “Ar Guthan le Cam NicRath”, our “gateway” Gaelic music show (presented by Cam in English).

The show will run for 12 weeks and will include programs from Series 1 and the new Series 2.

The show runs on Saturdays at 8pm GMT (3PM EST, 12pm PST) and there’s a streaming feed from their website homepage.

The editor is Michael Mackay and the program is engineered and produced by Steaphanaidh Carlyle.

The Mòd is coming!

Mòd 2015 Logo
The 28th annual Mòd is just around the corner – September 26, at the Ligonier Highland Games, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A great time to listen to native Gaelic speakers, fluent learners, and adventurous newcomers tackling Gaelic songs, stories and poems in competition and at cèilidhs. A great time to soak up as much Gaelic as you can in a friendly, relaxed environment. A great time to be part of a Gaelic community – without the cost of a roundtrip airfare to Scotland!

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Gaels Jam 2015

Jam nan Gàidheal 2015

Thig Gàidheil na h-Albann Nuaidhe de gach aois cruinn còmhla ann am Màbu, Ceap Breatainn fad còig latha sa Chèitean seo tighinn, agus obraichidh iad còmhla gus cànan is cultar nan Gàidheal ann an Albainn Nuaidh a neartachadh. Bidh deagh chòmhradh agus spòrs gu leòr ann, agus fàsaidh an fheadhainn a bhios ann eòlach air a chèile agus air a’ choimhearsnachd às ùr.  ’S e seo an treas bliadhna a chaidh Jam nan Gàidheal a chumail ann an Albainn Nuaidh, agus tha an sgioba aig ceann a’ chruinneachaidh air leth taingeil gun do chuir an Comunn Gàidhealach Ameireaganach taic airgid ris am-bliadhna.

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