Mail-In Mòd is a Special Opportunity

a Chàirdean ionmhainn,

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the US Mòd, and we have many special additions to the Mòd for this event, including a choir and even an art competition! This very important Mòd will mark an expanded presence of Gaelic song and story in the US, and we will be highlighting the strength of our efforts as supporters of the language and culture of our forbearers.

Because of this, the Mòd committee would like to invite all of you spending time and resources to learn Gaelic, to take part in our Mòd in any way you can! We’d also like to be able to show and promote just how many people here in the States are working diligently to acquire or recapture their Gaelic heritage, and one way is to represent yourselves at the Mòd, which is reported back to Scotland by the guests we invite, as well as the media, who we hope to have represented this year at the event in Ligonier.

Therefore, we’d like to extend an invitation to all of you to use this opportunity to enter the mail-in competition, try your hand at some translations and readings, and even composition of poetry if you would like. This will give you, as a learner, a goal to strive for, some challenging work, and adjudication and feedback on your progress in the language.

To sign up, please go to the web page to submit a paypal registration. You will be shown where and how to get the Mòd materials after your registration. Additional information can be found at

Thanks for your time, and a big thank-you for all your hard work in supporting Gàidhlig in all the ways you do. Even if you cannot attend the Mòd in person or through the mail, the work you all do is noticed and appreciated here and in Scotland, where the native speakers and leaders of organizations like An Comunn Gàidhealach continue to be impressed by the dedication shown by our efforts.

Leis gach deagh dhùrachd,

Mike M, comataidh a’ Mhòid

An Naidheachd Againne, Summer 2012 Issue Is Available

The Summer, 2012, issue of our newsletter, An Naidheachd Againne, has been released.

Members should have received it, but they can also obtain it online, by logging in to the ACGA Forum, and checking the Members Room.

Non-members can obtain issues through Winter 2011 in the Public Room of the forum, which requires no login, though you’re welcome to create an account and join our discussions whether you’re a member or not.

Bonnie Kilt & Hose Raffle for 25th Anniversary ACGA Mòd

It is the 25th Anniversary of the US National Gaelic Mòd in 2012! Certainly something worth celebrating! You may have already heard about the first ever fundraising concert held during March in Alexandria, VA (
There is another fundraising effort underway with a “Bonnie Kilt and Hose Raffle”.
Here are the details! (See below for other ways to help get the word out.)


The prizes:
1 Custom Kilt (up to 8 yds from any stock medium weight tartan from DC Dalgliesh, Marton Mills, Strathmore, House of Edgar or Lochcarron)
Kilt by Bonnie Heather Greene – Custom pair of Argyle Kilt Hose to match any tartan.
Hose by Kathy Park of Bonnie Toes – kilt and hose do not have to be a set.
Drawing will be held at the Mòd Ceilidh at the Ligonier Highland Games, Sept 22, 2012.
You need not be present to win. Shipping outside of the US is included.Tickets are $10 each or 3 for $25, or 6 for $50. Online ticket sales are available here:!
By mail, please make check payable to ACGA and send to Kathy Park, 228 2nd Ave, Phoenixville, PA 19460 and your ticket stubs will be sent
back to you!
Other ways to help!
-Join/Share/Invite the event on Facebook:
-Post, share, and print the attached flyer.
-If you are representing ACGA at a Scottish games, or are a member of another Scottish society and would like to help by selling tickets directly contact Kathy ( and she will send you tickets to sell (along with instructions).
Thanks for your support in helping to make the US National Mòd extra special this year for the 25th Anniversary!